Pilates At Home

Pilates At Home is a library of videos designed for those who know nothing about Pilates, feel out of shape and even those who have pain. This library will educate you so you can move safely and easily through the videos. We will start at the beginner level and will continue to videos for specific injuries, pain points and intermediate to advanced Pilates work. You also have access to Kim when you need her through our private FaceBook group. 

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Improve Your Health

Pilates is a wonderful movement tool to help keep you moving. You will learn how to safely move your body with confidence through these detailed videos. The instruction given is as if you were there with me in the studio. I give many modifications and also challenges where appropriate.

Free Private Session

With your subscription you get one free 30 minute session with Kim Robins. In this, session you will have the opportunity to get information for your specific needs. And as part of your membership, there is a private FaceBook group where you can ask questions, directly to Kim, when you have them.

Unlimited Videos

You will have access to all the videos all the time! We will be adding videos monthly. We will also upload videos of workshops we offer in the studio as well as some of our in-studio classes here for you too. This library is just as valuable as coming to the studio. In fact, our clients use this library too!

Video Subscription

So many of our clients wish their out of state family members and friends could do Pilates at Core Wisdom so we created this video library so that they CAN do Pilates with Core Wisdom. This library will take you from the most mild of the Pilates movements through the more advance work. All done with much guidance and information to keep you safe as you move. The videos range from 5-30 minutes all very with very detailed instruction.

Live Classes

We also have live online classes you can attend through Core Wisdom physical location. These classes are offered several times a week and are at an additional cost from the video subscription. You can see the schedule and sign up here.

Why wait any longer?

Your body will thank you! You will have more energy, more strength and flexibility and more confidence in your movement.


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